Oct 102013

Smiles from start to finish! Dean was an absolute superstar in his first portrait photo shoot with those bright eyes and infectious little smile. It was so lovely meeting him and seeing parents Lesley and Ari again after we photographed their wedding at Fenix in 2011.

Jul 112013
Baby Yves and Family

We love nothing more than a phone call to let us know there’s a new edition to the family, we get to see everyone again! Photographing both Sally and sister Meagan’s weddings, as well as Sally and Daniel’s beautiful Marie-Helene as a baby,  it was little Yves’ turn this time. We spent the morning photographing Yves and his family before welcoming his Grandparents along with Aunty and Uncle (and a couple of furry cousins) to join us for a big group shot.

Jul 032013

Not only did we have the pleasure of capturing Andrea and Steven’s wedding, we also were very lucky to share the amazing first year of their first child Timothy. We photographed little Timothy as a newborn and then at 3 month intervals and got to capture all the milestones along the way, such a clever boy! What a wonderful keepsake to have!

Mar 132013
Baby Gus

Baby Gus was an absolute superstar in his first photo shoot, the big gorgeous smiles just kept coming. Big sister Natasha and brothers Ashley and Sebastien also did a fantastic job and are no strangers to the camera themselves, as we have had the pleasure of photographing them all as babies too. Loved seeing everyone again!

Nov 152012
Baby Eva

Beautiful baby Eva came to visit us with Mum Sharon who had wedding photos with us in 2010. What a fabulous little smile!


Sep 222012

Baby Ava was an absolute delight to photograph and it was great seeing how much big sister Mia had grown since we saw her in 2010.